Thursday, April 26, 2012

His point of view...on design

My beautiful cousin Shelley over at Crazy Wonderful did a blog post asking her wonderful husband's opinion of some her favorite rooms she's found and pinned.  The husbands take on design is quite a funny one.  I had to join in.  

She was inpsired by Jessamie over at Bird and Branch Redesign.  I've had so much fun reading the other posts I had to try it.  Mostly because my husband never really says anything about what I do with the house.  The man helped me paint my kitchen pink after all.  He also needs help dressing himself occasionally.  Not in a bad way, but if we are going out he would prefer me to just pick out his clothes.  He just doesn't care.  

When we first started dating I came home one day and he was outside grilling and he was wearing my pink terry cloth 70s short shorts with white trim and platform foam flip-flops with no shirt on, a poker in one hand, flipping sausages.  Bestill my heart.  In his defense he came over to do yard work, got filthy, took a shower and put on the first thing he found that somewhat fit.  To paint the complete picture, my husband is 6'5 and about 250.  He doesn't care what people think and as long as he is comfortable he is happy.  

So here goes.  Jeff's take on design.
Oh hell no.

minakani walls - carpathes (also, that green daybed is lovely)via    Oh hell no...but I do like the divan because it looks like a bed.

love the feel of this space
I don't know what to say to that.  Although I do like the couch.  And I like that "thingy" on the wall.

(Laughing uncontrolably) Looks like a waiting room at a funeral parlor.

Now that's pretty cool.  I could do that.

Love love looooove.  via
 I'd really be in on that too.

Turkish delightvia Almost like you're at church there.  I like the green couch.  I like the rug under the table too.

brick wall
Is that an old tv?  Remember that tv we saw at the auction with the aquarium?  I wonder if that's it?       Reminds me of an old house...the table, the chairs.

fun couch!!via
(shaking head).  Too many different colors.  That would be an ideal girls room.

love everything!  Especially the coffee table.via That's pretty cool there.  The couch, the table, the chairs.  I really like the long couch.  

Linking up to Bird and Branch Redesign.  You really must check out the others.  They will put a smile on your face!



  1. I CANNOT get that image of Jeff out of my head! That had to have been what sealed the deal for you ;)

  2. Too funny! Paints a pretty interesting picture... I still need to do this, because I can already hear Thomas' reponses, but it would still be fun! I!

  3. haha what a funny idea. I love the last 4 rooms!

  4. Thanks for linking up Amy! Love that everybody is having so much fun with these!