Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Favorites...on Saturday

I want a new/old home badly. I have lived in my current home since 1998, before husband and kids.  I am more than ready.  I want my stuff out of storage.  I want my own bathroom.  And space...oh how I want space!  Not that I don't love and adore my family...but I am sick of putting my makeup on at the kitchen table and blow drying my hair in the dining room/kitchen/bedroom.

I know, I know, first world problems right, boo hoo for me. are just a few of the wish list spaces on my hodgepodge of a list.  In case you are wondering...wood paneling is also on the list...let's save that for another post! 
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A garage!  Oh how I would love to have a real garage that a car could fit in!  Not just bikes...and mowers, and shovels and small wild animals and stray cats!

Look at those beautiful floors!  Their before is my after.

final-backyard-before to breath. 

  I wonder how many cotton balls can be shoved down that drain?

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I hadn't noticed until now...but under that cute green little side table there appears to be an unused toilet...with a baby in it.  I like everything...except that part.  Not that they aren't making exceptional storage use of it...I prefer to put the babies in a basket hanging over the tub.

I can't wait for my daughter to have her own room.  I never had the chance to decorate a true nursery for either of my kids.  When my son came along, the extra room was my step-daughters.  In order to keep things as peaceful as possible, I just put a crib in it, and kept the rest the same.    I cannot wait to create a space for my little girl!  

a dream bedroom 20 My dream bedroom(s) (34 photos)
And, more importantly...a space for me and my husband.  Every morning we end up in different beds, usually with a child next to us.  I'm not sure if that typically happens with small houses...or just with us.  We never fought for our own space so now we don't have it.  Our kids almost always fall asleep in our bed, and one of us ends up sleeping in the kids room.  Our own space will be a dream...and by ours...I mean mine...but he can have the remote and his very own end table.  But that's it.
Enough said.  This is beautiful.  And I love the Bon Ami soap.  It's made here in Kansas City!
Did anyone else spy the Katie Daisy print?  
I still can't imagine a real laundry room.  Right now our laundry shoot is throwing your clothes down to the bottom of the stairs.  If you haven't clicked through this link it.  Life Made Lovely has some home tours. 
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I will have a mural...a mural and wood paneling...a mural, wood paneling, and my own bathroom and that's all I need!

Happy Friday Saturday Lovelies!


  1. I bookmarked this post! So many great ideas. That doll in the toilet is very odd. I liked when you said "their before is my after". You deserve a bigger home with more room. And you and your husband deserve a bedroom with no kids in it. My fave picture is the bedroom with the wood walls and greenery around the window. So peaceful. I hope you get what you want!

  2. You'll have it all! Just keep the faith. The wait is maddening though, I know. Some great inspiration shots there to say the least. I want one of those big farm tables and an actual laundry room that isn't in a garage. I'm with you on where I like to keep my dolls though. Everyone knows that old toilets are best to hold rolled up towels.

  3. You will totally have it, and some! Who in the world is the creeper with the baby in the toilet, ha! I definitely share your love of parkay floors, they are gorgeous. All of those images scream you, luuuurve them all and especially you :)

  4. New follower here. I'd love a follow back at
    I pray you get your dream home! I am constantly looking at celebrity homes and posting pictures to my dream board. I feel it coming soon :)

  5. You know, even with a bigger house we end up in kids beds...that won't change...but the good news is that they will have their own space for TV. We still haven't quite gotten there, but I can't wait until we aren't always hearing someone scream "I want a kids show"...I want to give Spongebob the BOOT! Good luck!

    It will be fun to see what you do with your next house, you have such fun taste!!! I love it!