Monday, June 27, 2011

I need a vaca

I need a vacation badly.  Unfortunately we will have to reminisce of past vacations this summer.  Two summers ago we packed up the car...the kids...and ourselves and drove almost 3000 miles in two weeks.  It was amazing.

When I say "packed" i mean PACKED...our car.
 From KC to St. Louis.
St. Louis to Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY to Asheville, NC (which by the way was my fave)
One of the most beautiful churches i've ever seen.
The Basilica of St. Lawrence

We ate good.  Best hot dogs ever...and sweet potatoe fries. 

And then from Asheville to Savannah
So beautiful in Savannah!

Ice cream at Leopolds 

Do you have any idea what is in this building?  Do ya?
It serves food like this.

and has eye candy like this.  My smile was so big my face hurt.  I told you we ate good.  If you still haven't guessed, it was Paula Deen's restaraunt in Savannah.
We had impromptu picnics.  Yes, I have sunglasses on over my glasses.  That's how i roll.
 Farthest point South on the trip...Daytona Beach, FL

Look at those baby rolls!  My angel took her first steps on this vacation.
Fighting off waves ninja style.  Do you see me in the bikini?  Exactly.
lots of pretty sunsets.
 lots of smiles.

a quick visit to a little race track. 
a little cops and robbers.... 

Last stop was Memphis, TN and then straight home...due to complete exhaustion.

That was fun.  Now back to reality.  The bright side?  A three day weekend on the horizon! Woooohooo!


  1. vacations are always about family, food, friends and fun. Have a great vacation!


  2. I'm still insanely jealous you had your picture taken with Paula's boys. I'm off to daydream now ;)