Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks Love

We were snowed in Christmas Day and the two following days. We got about 9 inches of snow and live at the end of a somewhat steep hill. Our tax dollars in the hood must not pay for the removal of snow on our street, just the surrounding ones.

Over the weekend we pushed numerous cars out. I feel so bad for those folks who don't have anyone to help. I am blessed because I have a big strong husband who takes care of me, and family not far away that if need be can go get me milk...or vodka. The point of this story is because that same wonderful husband had the nerve to shovel me I could get to work. So Monday morning, I went to work. Tuesday evening, I had to help push another car out so I could get home. Good times, and all because my wonderful hubby had to get out that damn shovel. I swear he just enjoys doing it.

I think sometimes life gets so hectic it's kind of nice to be snowed in. I admit I was totally disappointed when I realized he had shoveled the entire hill. Mainly because it meant back to reality. I had accomplished so much at home over the weekend, I was really hoping for more time.

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